Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Other Artist's Work

So I finally took the time to look at other artist's work that I like. I can't ever say that I'm inspired by one specific person, but I see something and make my own view of it. At first when I was looking up some artist that I liked I couldn't really think of anybody in particular, so I just started looking at famous artists, and moved on from there. The first artist that I pulled a piece from was Monet. I've always appreciated his style, the way he can make a fuzzy image into something beautiful. I always pay attention to detail, so it's hard for me to see something fuzzy and create it into a masterpiece like he did with his lilies. It seems like the painting is in a totally different phase, like maybe in a dream. I would love to see this painting in real life, to experience the textures and layers within the painting. Taking a closer look you see that the lilies are in proportion, and catch your interest, so I think that it still applies to what we learn about seeing your subject, if it is in a different light, and make it into your own, something that other people couldn't see. Thats what I like about our different angles in class, everybody has a new perspective on the same subject in class.
The second drawing I found was a charcoal of one of my idols, Lucille Ball. I think she is a classic beauty who had style, personality, and a great sense of humor. It's an impressive piece created probably from a copy of a photo. This is something that is more my style, paying attention to the details and making perfect lines (this is something that I don't do!) Either way, I was very impressed by the perfection in this drawing.
The next drawing that I found that I liked is more of a style than the specific piece, but I really find Art Nouveau interesting. I can't say what it is that I like, but there's something about the flowing lines that 'get me'. I've always loved the style, I just wish that I could create something like that!
Now the next few drawings I found online are by an artist of the name Larry Boyer. I can't say that I know his work at all but I found them interesting. They are all charcoal drawings, done in the form of detail like I like. I also love his use of shadows and really using greys and dark tones to create depth.

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