Monday, October 26, 2009

Life Drawing II Artwork

Ahhh, so I'm finally adding my own work to this!!! I know it's taken a while, you wouldn't believe what I had to go through! Haha, just kidding, but I'm glad I found a place where I can finally get all my work together for others to view. The biggest problem I've found in all my drawings thus far is that the far eye is always drifting away. I have been getting better though, so there is hope! So here are my drawings from class of what we have done so far, hope you enjoy!
So this first photo is of the clay skulls that we created in class.

I really had a hard time with it, for the most part because it was 3D, and there were parts that I just couldn't connect from my hands to my brain. The part that I had the hardest time with, as you can see, was the jaw. I wanted to give it the effect that it was popping out, but it just never ended up looking right, I'm not sure if it was because I didn't bring it back in far enough, or if I had it too high, but for whatever reason every time I went to fix it I'm not sure that it got any better.
This second photo is one of my first skull drawings. It is created from graphite. Not too bad, but you
can see that the far eye so
cket is popping out some. The other part that bothers me is that I tried to do it with free lines, but I feel like it just makes it loo

k unclean. The long I've been in this class I've kept using the same method but would clean up the lines after I was done, giving the drawing a more complete, clean effect.
This third drawing is one of my first using charcoal. I made the first one as a profile and then also wanted to learn how to focus from a different angle, so I also drew one from
the back. I tried a new style with this one,
and I think it turned out rather nicely. The free lines turned out well in making the shadows, and really gave me the effect I was looking for that is still rough and rugged but has the clean lines needed to make it look like the skull that it is.

This is my first "head-shot"
drawings. I think it turned out fairly OK, minus the far eye drifting away again. The eyes are also a different size, and a lot of the lines are heavy that I don't want there but were started out as outlines.
I also realized that I needed a base for the neck so it doesn't look so awkward. For the most part though I think I am starting to get the idea and still finding the structure of the bones under the skin, and it keeps getting better as I go.I
really like this back 3/4 view. The one part that I feel could have been pushed further were the dark shadow lines that I created, I feel like they look like spider legs or something. I also feel like the brow bone should be out further, but other than that I feel like I am finally getting the pro
portions correct and getting the effect of the shadows of the planes.
This is the homework we had to draw
somebody for 3 hours. At the time when I was done I thought it looked really good, but now that I have gone back I've found that there are a lot of elements out of proportion, an
d that the eyes have no expression. The one good thing is that you can see I'm finally getting that far eye to go in, but it's still not quite there.
This is the last drawing that we did with our model. I'm glad that my drawings are finally starting to look like people! I have the far eye in, and the angles are correct. I really like the nose that I created, showing all of its planar qualities. I had a hard time with the lips, but they turned out looking good, even if they weren't the same lips that the model had.

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