Thursday, December 10, 2009

When we created our first portraits in class and at home of our models, we were asked to post our comments and the comments we received here:

Kaitlyn, I noticed:
- the quality of line to create shadows
- gestures overlapping making movement
- all the lines are straight
- the neck always has a solid base
- lines start off soft and grow into more lines for more definition
- the lips
- the bones under the skin made through shadows

Erik, I noticed:
- heavy use of shadow
- strong lines
- flowing of the lines
- linear splitting of the face
- the use of highlights through erasing
- the quality of form created by shadows in circular forms
- thick and thin lines
- the eyes

Sara, I noticed:
- shadow through lines
- thick and thin lines
- light and dark lines
- the eyes
- the planes of the skull and face
- the gesture formed from the movement of the lines
- the ear on the left

What surprised you? What did you notice you hadn't seen before?
I noticed that my faces had no expression and the pupils were all the same color when they should have been darker to add some depth and made the eye look more round. This surprised me because it wasn't something that I had really noticed until we went to critique them.

What would you change?
The pupils to give the portraits more life and not so much of a blank stare. I would also change some of the shadows to make the person more realistic and placed in the correct area of where a shadow should be.

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