Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Here is a link to my Flickr site that has my photos from class and a few explanations about it. Feel free to comment!

So far this semester I have learned quite a lot, but most of all I feel like this class has really brought me back to my roots of drawing and bringing my skill back. At the same time, I have learned a lot about the skull. In my Life Drawing I class I took in Scotland I just learned about the body forms, and not what is underneath them, so I really enjoyed that. I think the strengths that I have are getting a good idea of the form of a human head. I had trouble with the skulls, but I think once we added facial features to them I improved quite a bit. I also feel like I am fairly confident in my line drawing and quality, although I am the first to admit that I prefer to make shadows over lines. My weaknesses have been the far eye on all my drawings whether it is on a skull or face. I have been improving though, so I'm not a total loss. By the end of the semester I am hoping that we get to move onto the rest of the body. When I was in Scotland towards the end of our semester we touched on feet and hands, which is something I would like to focus on more, as I know that I had a hard time with them, but also that you can put so much life into hands and get so much personality out of them. We also did one huge full body life- size drawing. I know it really tested my skill, and it was something that I learned a lot from in trying to create all the correct proportions, making it look like the person, and overall, creating a quality piece where all elements were equal and one part wasn't any greater than another.

So far my plan for my second self portrait is so create something about me being on opposite sides of a line, one being the artist, and the other being a soldier in the Army. I feel like I am caught in between trying to figure out if I can fit into both at the same time, or if I should persue a career more in one than the other. Right now I feel like I am stuck in my own group of just me, alone, not being a part of either. That is what I want to depict in my drawing. On one side of the drawing I want to have a group of art students, possibly crunched over their work, maybe carrying art supplies, dressed as the excentric art students. On the complete opposite end I want a group of soldiers. I'm not quite sure what I want to do with them yet, if I should have them in a formation or fighting in a war scene, or possibly doing something else. Then in the middle I want to have myself. So far this is the hardest part for me to decide what to do. I'm not sure if I should draw myself as half soldier, half artist, or just regular clothes that aren't excentric, or a stick figure that is nothing to anybody. The entire drawing I want to do in a single-line drawing form, so basically all the figures are connected by one line.

So far I have done very little research. I was at first thinking of doing all the figures as cartoon characters, basically representing how I feel like all of this is beyond me and feels unrealistic to me, as I am just trying to live one day at a time, and not thinking about my future too much as I have only ever found it as something that is beyond stressful to me. So continuing with this idea I have been looking at cartoon characters to get ideas of what I want my people to look like. On the same side of that I take the Army very seriously, and hate the idea of offending any people that serve our country and are willing to die for it. So with this idea I want to do the drawing in a realistic form, mostly because I think it would look better. The only part that deterse me from this is that I am not all that great at drawing realistic looking human forms. Then I thought about drawing the artists as cartoons, and the soldiers as real people, but then I feel like it makes a disconnect in the drawing, and therefore something that I do not want to do. I want to continue with the research to maybe make a final decision on how I really want this to be drawn.

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